Wendy’s Boycott Protest

April 22, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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Join the Student/Farmworker Alliance, The Friedman Justice League, and the Coalition of Immokallee Workers (CIW) in calling on a massive boycott of Wendy’s as a result of its refusal to act for farmworker rights in the Florida tomato industry.
Farmworker activists will speak about their experinces in the field , their Campaign for Fair Food, and the urgent need for Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program.

Why Wendy’s?
Wendy’s abandoned Florida tomato growers asking for fair working conditions, opting to buy tomatoes from Mexico instead. Rather than support U.S. growers setting new standards for human rights in the agricultural industry, Wendy’s took its tomato purchases to Mexico, where the denial of human rights in the produce industry is widespread.

Wendy’s is defending the discredited practice of Corporate-led Social Responsibility. Instead of joining the Fair Food Program’s successful worker-led model of social responsibility, Wendy’s released a new supplier code of conduct in November 2015 that contains no effective mechanisms for worker participation or enforcement.

Wendy’s is the only one of the five largest fast food companies not participating in the Fair Food Program. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Subway, and Burger King all pay a penny more per pound for their tomatoes to buy only from growers who agree to protect their workers’ human rights by complying with the Fair Food Code of Conduct. By refusing to participate, Wendy’s is deriving a cost advantage over its competitors, while continuing to provide an alternative market for less reputable growers. Rather than do its part to end farmworker poverty, Wendy’s has chosen to profit from it. This is morally indefensible.