Wee Free Black Mamas: A Card-Making Marathon + #Bailout Event

May 5, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Ave
MA 02115

THE CAMPAIGN: crowdrise.com/weefreeblackmamas

THE EVENT: a card-making marathon, teach-in, t-shirt station and pop-up book lounge at MassArt’s light-filled DMC Atrium

Imagine not being able to be with your mom on Mother’s Day — no flowers, not even cards — because of laws that unfairly keep moms in jail while they’re awaiting trial. That’s the reality for thousands of women who are separated from loved ones for one reason: They can’t afford to pay their bail.

On May 5, join us for WEE FREE BLACK MAMAS: A Card-Making Marathon and #Bailout Event, where we will TAKE A STAND against an unjust bail system, CREATE Mother’s Day cards to raise awareness, and RAISE FUNDS to free as many mothers as possible before Mother’s Day.

THE CAMPAIGN: crowdrise.com/weefreeblackmamas

From now to May 5, Wee The People IS COUNTING ON YOU to help raise $3,500 in bail funds to help free Black women before Mother’s Day. All funds will benefit the National Bail Out, an organization working to FREE those in pre-trial detention, REUNITE families, and GROW the national movement to end systems of detention and mass incarceration that target Black and POC communities.

We’ve got six weeks — SIX WEEKS, Wee Fam! — to raise $3,500. GIVE, THEN SPREAD THE WORD. AGAIN:



At our free, kid-powered creativity marathon on May 5, we’ll make Mother’s Day cards and #FreeHer t-shirts to honor incarcerated women. We’ll be crafting with stamps, collage papers, fabric, stencils and more. The event will feature face-painting for kids, snacks, a pop-up book lounge with Bibliocycle, the Boston Public Library’s mobile lending library, and booths where you can learn about local orgs leading the movement to #EndMoneyBail — Emancipation Initiative – Against Life Without Parole, Sisters Unchained, the Massachusetts Bail Fund and Families for Justice as Healing.

And of course, we’ll have a Wee The People storytime and teach-in, where kids can learn how money bail hurts our communities, and how we can act:

2:30-2:45pm: #FreeHer storytime and teach-in
3:15-3:30pm: #FreeHer storytime and teach-in

Following the marathon event, a selection of cards will be displayed at sites across Boston to continue raising awareness.

LET’S GET FREE and bail out as many women as we can the week before Mother’s Day!


Wee Free Black Mamas is presented by Wee The People, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Families for Justice as Healing.