Unite! Art Prep Day

June 3, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW)
42 Charles Street (Suite D)
Dorchester Center
MA 02122
Shaina Lu

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Come help us do the prep work for this standing mural! No need to have art-making skills or experience — just come hang out. 🙂 I will bring snacks and you will bring music.

Thank you to AARW, for hosting our prep!

In response to recent news about police brutality towards black communities, a group of black and Asian artists are gathering to create a work of art bridging our disparate communities in Boston. The message is a call to action between people of color and marginalized populations in our city– united, we can rise above it.

The artwork will be a standing, mobile mural–a double-sided, traveling piece of art that will journey through our communities in Boston. The mural is comprised of six tall panels, hinged together. The panels will be taped out to spell “UNITE!” The letters will be filled in by people from the community, as they spray-paint in our taped letter spaces, aided by cans and stencils. When the tape is pulled off, a beautiful community art piece will emerge.

This is a multi-ethnic, multi-community endeavor. We believe, during these tough times, in the ability of art to express the emotions that rise from the very real current and historical political state, while also forging communities and friendships. The mural will travel from Chinatown to Roxbury to Dorchester to Mattapan and eventually, all over Boston. Our hope is that each community will engage with the action of solidarity through art-making. We will invite local musicians, singers, poets, multi-media artists and more to perform during each “paint-in.”

The people united can never be defeated. We are excited to rise up together. Please join us.