The Murder of Darren Seals, the Truth About Ferguson

April 22, 2017 @ 11:15 am – 12:45 pm
Shelburne Community Center
2730 Washington st.
MA 02119
Mass Action Against Police Brutality

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Workshop 2

The Murder of Darren Seals, the Truth About Ferguson

Darren Seals, one of the central organizers of the protests in
Ferguson in the wake of the police shooting of Mike Brown, Jr was found shot to death in his car early Tuesday morning September 6. His car was set on fire. Multiple bullet casings were left on the scene as mourners arrived at the scene of the crime as news spread, revealing a lackluster investigation of the incident by the police.

Seals was one of the most beloved figures of the Ferguson protests, he bemoaned what he called the hijacking of the movement. Before he was killed, he was increasingly vocal and public about his greivances against those he viewed betrayed the movement making him a hated figure among certain factions. Seals was also targeted and harassed by the police who viewed this young leader as a threat.

Workshop will discuss the legacy of Darren Seals and the hijacking of the Ferguson Rebellion.

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