Refund The People Caravan

July 9, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Somerville Mayors House
65 Woods Ave
Roosevelt, NY 11575
Defund SPD
Over the past month, thousands of Somerville residents have been made our voices heard by signing petitions, testifying in meetings, calling and emailing our elected officials, and demanding that the City Council defund SPD by 60% and reject any budget from the Mayor that does not cut at least 10% so that we can reinvest those funds into community services that create true public safety by eliminating the root causes of violence.
As it stands, they have cut a total of 7.2%. This is twice as much as the Mayor originally proposed, and our activism is directly responsible for the increased cuts. But this is still not enough!
Join the caravan to make our movement and demands visible to the Council, Mayor, and the whole Somerville community. We will not be satisfied until our demands are met. We will continue to organize for an abolitionist world free of state-sanctioned violence.
We will be rallying around the mayor’s house to demand that he reallocates these funds into community services that improve the living conditions for Somerville residents, particularly BIPOC folks in this community. Speakers list coming. We expect the rally will take no longer than two hours, if even that, but are factoring in extra time.
**Make sure to decorate your car with posters and signs!**
Bikes are welcome! Bring your own noisemakers!