Reclaiming Wealth: Investor Organizing Training

March 3, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
City Life Vida Urbana
284 Amory Street
MA 02130

Step 1: Invest in Ujima
Step 2: Activate your networks!

At Reclaiming Wealth: Investor Organizing Training, we will be doing a deep dive into mapping our networks (family, social, religious, political etc.) and designing organizing strategies that make sense for our unique circles. We’ll be learning from each other, practicing how to talk about the Ujima strategy, the investment opportunity, the giving opportunity and all the other ways to become embedded in this work.

This training is designed for a broad diversity of class, race and cultural backgrounds. If you are connected to many people with significant financial wealth – wonderful. If you are connected to zero people with significant financial wealth – wonderful. This training is for you and you.

At Ujima we think about “wealth” holistically. We all have wealth whether we have money or not and it’s important to own the forms of power and wealth we do have. It’s true that we need large amounts of capital mobilized and moved in order to build an economy of solidarity and abundance in Boston (and beyond), but of course at Ujima, dollar figures are the not the only thing we care about. For us, it matters just as much the number of people we bring in and their commitment to the ecosystem as it does the dollar value of our fund.

While it is not required that you have already invested in the fund yourself before attending this workshop, we highly encourage anyone who would like to do investor organizing to go through the process themselves, even if it’s just at the $50 level.

This will be a highly participatory training so please come ready to get to know the investor organizer in yourself and in others! Bring something to write with or your computer and we’ll see you on the 3rd.

Snacks and light refreshments provided.