Rally to Take Back Health

April 8, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street
MA 02108

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National Day of Action for Improved Medicare for All on Saturday, April 8th.

As the first day of a two-week congressional recess, April 8th is a crucial moment for capturing the attention of our representatives. Now that the AHCA has been defeated, it’s time to get serious about making healthcare available to and affordable for all!

Location change: front steps of the State House!

Join us to hear legislators, providers, and patients speak out about the inadequacy of the ACA and the ways in which single-payer would allow us to control costs, improve access, and provide high quality care for all patients.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Co-Sponsoring Organizations~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mass-Care: Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare www.MassCare.org

HMS Indivisible: Harvard Medicine Indivisible is a coalition of affiliates of Harvard Medical School, including physicians, staff, residents, and medical students, committed to taking political action that promotes a more just health system.

Physicians for a National Health Program, Massachusetts Chapter (PNHP-MA)

Students for a National Health Program, Boston University Chapter (BUSM SNaHP)

Right Care Boston (http://rightcareboston.org/)