Rally Boston to Stand Against Hate [Location May Change]

May 13, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 2:00 pm
Soldiers and Sailors Monument
139 Tremont St
MA 02111
Stand Against Hate-Boston

Original Facebook event here


We will peacefully mobilize within sight and sound of the alt-right to rally our side. Our aim is to show people that there are many more of us in Boston who Stand Against Hate than those pushing hateful ideas.

*We will not march on or approach the alt-right, but drown them out with a mass mobilization that shows solidarity with those who have come under attack with the election of Trump and the emboldening of the Nazi/Fascist/Alt-right*

The Nazi/Fascist/alt-right is aware of this event and are actively doxxing organizers and planning to show up wherever we rally.

We encourage as many people as possible to show up if you feel safe and comfortable doing so! We urge everyone to come prepared and take security precautions.

If you’re coming to rally, we advise you to do the following:

1. Communicate your intentions with people you trust and have an emergency plan. Best of all, link up with people you know.

2. BRING FOOD AND WATER because the alt-right rally may last several hours (we will provide some food/beverages)


4. If you’re very concerned about your safety, consider covering your face and obscuring anything that might make it easy to identify you (e.g., tattoos).


Democratic Socialists of America – Boston
International Socialist Organization – Boston
Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine
Progressive Student Alliance at Northeastern University
Socialist Alternative- Boston
Solidarity – Boston
Suffolk University’s Students for Justice in Palestine
UMass Boston Students for Justice in Palestine
Communist Party of USA – Boston
Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine

[Please message this page if your organization would like to endorse]

On May 13th, Alt-Right forces have called a rally and march in Boston that they are billing as a “Free Speech” rally. However, the call on this website invites neo-Nazi’s to the demonstration, advising their side to dress like “normies”: http://www.thegoldwater.com/news/2407-Boston-Free-Speech-Rally-MaY-13th-EDITION

Their plan is to rally and march on the Freedom Trail, but their claim for freedom and free speech are entirely hypocritical when what they want to do is instigate violence and attack the rights of oppressed people.

Their rally will create a climate of hate in our city and we don’t want people to live in fear of being Muslim, immigrant, Black, Brown, Asian, LGBTQ or any number of other people who are threatened. Recent racist attacks at a Red Sox game against African-American Orioles player Adam Jones are the latest example of an escalation of threats against our side in the city of Boston.

We think these neo-Nazis and reactionaries should be publicly opposed with a non-violent mass mobilization on the same date and time as their rally. If they are allowed to go unchallenged, there is real danger that they will grow in confidence and in their attempt to appear legitimate.