Plant Medicine for Activists + Earthkeepers w/ xochitlcoatl

September 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Soul Fire Farm


A part of Soul Fire Farm’s BIPOC FIRE 2.0 Workshop Series

Thank you for committing yourself to a path of liberation. How you organize our communities, work the land, and remember that we are not free unless all beings are free is integral to our collective healing. As a liberation bringer you dedicate your life to healing the earth through native, black, food + land sovereignty, justice + autonomy. The plants and the spirit medicine of our ancestors remembered in every breathe of earth are here to service you as you serve them. During our workshop, we will partner with plants to deepen our gratitude, nourishment, and resistance as we realize our freedom. We will make herbal medicine, offer each other healing rituals, and seed the truth that we are the medicine we need to thrive. By the end of Plant Medicine for Activists + Earthkeepers you will have concrete herbal skills and tools to nourish yourself as you continue to heal the land and our people.

Themes include:
Introduction to our first Earthkeepers: the brujx feministas
Connecting with the physical, spiritual + story medicine of 3+ Turtle Island plants
Herbs for Nourishment + immune health
Herbs for Protection + nervous system health
Medicine making, including herbal infusions, tinctures, smudge bundles
Ethical harvesting + processing of herbs
Rituals for healing