Organize Boston To Stand Against Hate

May 10, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Encuentro 5
9A Hamilton Place
MA 02108
Stand Against Hate-Boston

Original Facebook event here

Boston organizing meeting to plan a mass mobilziation in response to Alt-Right initiated hate rally on May 13. Hate has no place in Boston!

On May 13th, Alt-Right forces have called a rally and march in Boston that they are billing as a “Free Speech” rally. However, the call on this website invites neo-Nazi’s to the demonstration, advising their side to dress like “normies.” Their plan is to rally and march on the Freedom Trail, but their claim for freedom and free speech are entirely hypocritical when what they want to do is instigate violence and attack the rights of oppressed people.

Their rally will create a climate of hate in our city and we don’t want people to live in fear of being Muslim, immigrant, Black, Brown, Asian, LGBTQ or any number of other people who are threatened. Recent racist attacks at a Red Sox game against African-American Orioles player Adam Jones are the latest example of an escalation of threats against our side in the city of Boston.

We think these neo-Nazis and reactionaries should be publicly opposed with a non-violent mass mobilization on the same date and time as their rally. If they are allowed to go unchallenged, there is real danger that they will grow in confidence and in their attempt to appear legitimate. Exactly what kind of a non-violent counter-demonstration our side organizes should be democratically decided through an organizing meeting that’s open to anyone who wants to voice their opposition to these neo-Nazis.

A similar rally called by Alt-Right forces at UC Berkeley last month physically attacked activists, and now they feel emboldened to call this rally in Boston as the next one of many. Unfortunately, left-wing activists took the bait at UC Berkeley when they were violently provoked. We don’t think that small numbers engaged in street battles with these goons are effective means to stop their far-right politics. Rather, we need to bring out our side in as large numbers as possible to non-violently drown out their hateful voices and publicly demoralize them in order to demobilize them.

We cannot allow reactionary politics to be the order of the day in our town! Our strength lies in our solidarity and in our numbers!

Sponsored by:
Democratic Socialists of America- Boston
International Socialist Organization- Boston