May Day 2019 – International Workers’ Day

May 1, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Rally 3:00 PM – Boston Common, Parkman Bandstand
Followed by a March to the Government Center T stop where we will depart for the Rally in East Boston.

Join in the resistance! Are you fed up and think it is time to end the empire? Join us then on May Day where folks will gather to oppose the wars, the border wall, deportations, and racism. Let’s come together to support free healthcare, education, childcare, $15 minimum wage, affordable housing, and rights for working people. Instead of declaring a national emergency to build a wall, let’s declare a national emergency to combat climate change, rebuild the crumbling infrastructure, and end police brutality.

This year’s May Day will feature a “Puppet March” including a funeral procession for capitalism. Let’s usher in spring with a fresh and energetic rally and parade which will celebrate the resistance of working people and the oppressed worldwide. May Day originated in the US in 1886 when workers conducted a general strike demanding the 8-hour day. It is officially celebrated around the world but not here in the US. International Workers’ Day should be a national holiday!

This year’s May Day comes in the context of a generalized assault coming down on working people and youth. Today, 140 million people in the US are living either in poverty or in low income households and the wealth gap continues to widen. The polarization is deepening. Attacks are coming down on migrants, women, Muslims, LGBT folks, oppressed nationalities, and more… Let’s join together in the struggle to make a better world.