Match Night w #DeeperThanWater

August 20, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Black and Pink

Join #DeeperThanWater – an abolitionist coalition working to tell the story of incarceration and water injustice in Massachusetts (and across the country ) while holding the state accountable by demanding the immediate provision of clean, safe, free, healthy water to prisoners effected by contaminated water.

Join us to learn more AND get connected to prisoners in MA, so we can build solidarity and relationships with our incarcerated family.
Sunday, August 20
encuentro 5 – 9a Hamilton Pl (accessibility info below)
4-6 pm

Last month, the Boston Globe broke the old story of MCI Norfolk – black and brown water, contaminated with metal filings and manganese. Our contacts inside the prison, and nearby prisons, confirm the story of nearly century-old piping producing unsafe water, and tell the story of dogs being given free bottled water while prisoners must use the contaminated tap water. The state and DOJ have consistently kicked the can down the road on resolving the situation.

If you don’t have a subscription, here is the article on a Google page:

One building block of our campaign is real connections with prisoners – so join us for August’s match night, learn about the issues, and get connected to a person who needs your support! We’ll lay out the campaign issues, and coach you through your first letter.

– encuentro 5 is right off Park St Station next to the Orpheum

encuentro 5 is not wheelchair accessible; we are happy to bring this type of event to other venues and groups, please DM Elizabeth Rucker (co host) to set that up.

There are about 8 steps total to get into the space

Let us know if you need:
– ASL or other translation services
– child care

help us keep the space scent free by not wearing perfumes or scented lotions, and keeping them sealed while in the space

there will be plenty of seating at this event

there are 2 gender neutral bathrooms

cover image description: a brown person with short hair and a pink shirt looks to their right at a white person with short hair and glasses. Over the image in white text the question “how do you balance abolition and a commitment to immediate needs?”