Lolita Parker – “Slideshow” slide talk at HUBWeek

October 14, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Boston City Hall Plaza
1 City Hall Square
MA 02114
Now and There Inc

Meet Lolita B. Parker Jr.!

Join us for her slide talk, one of the ten featured presentations that make up Elisa H. Hamilton’s new communal storytelling and photography project “Slideshow.” The event is free but reservations are required – reserve your seat at the ticket link.

Produced in conjunction with HUBWeek, “Slideshow” is using the original slideshow format and tangible analog slides and invites HUBweek participants to share in the day-to-day work, family life, and social context of each woman.

As a photographer, oral historian and artist Lolita Parker, Jr. creates in the broadest sense of the word. Co-­creating community, public art installations, historical archives, garden beds and personal/political imagery. With a wave of a library card, she rolls up her sleeves, encourages like minds along the way and together they work till the magic happens. Originally from the Los Angeles suburb of Altadena, CA, she calls Boston her intellectual homeplace where smart, striving scholars from every-which-where gather to try harder and get smarter. As a rising elder and matriarch of her small clan, Lolita is currently on a quest to decolonize her mind. Learn more about Lolita at:

Taking place in and around a shipping container located in the HUB at City Hall Plaza, Slideshow will create a community viewing and conversation space. The eleven slide presentations, created by the women along with one by the artist, will take place at the container between October 12 and 15. When not activated with a slide talk, the shipping container will be a place for the public to touch, hold, and examine the women’s slides together on a communal light table with a magnifying loupe

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