Lina Maria Martínez Hernández – A Participatory Lecture

April 14, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Urbano Project
29 Germania St Bldg F
MA 02130
The Urbano Project
(617) 983-1007

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Like the itinerant nature of Libreria Donceles, working with writings from marginalized communities in Latin America also implies a nomadic experience of time and space. Many authors who attempt to make visible the experiences of those least existent in literary canons — indigenous and black communities, lgbtq, non-Spanish speakers and others — has often emerged as elusive moments of self-representation.

In the work of Lina Maria Martinez Hernández, researcher and educator based in Philadelphia, the goal is to observe the storytelling techniques of such writers; to locate their unpredictable paths and shed light on the ways that their narratives respond to silence, indifference, and violence. Each time the works of such others reach the hands of new readers, their work is doubled — their nomadic paths replaying and expanding at an exponential rate.

Join Martinez Hernández for a participatory lecture in Librería Donceles to explore race, queerness and indigenous narratives. Martínez Hernández is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Haverford College, she received her Ph.D in Hispanic Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese where she published her Doctorate “El baile de los que sobran: Literatura y negatividad en el Caribe hispano”, a work that challenges reconciliating visions of identity and epistemology, starting from the analysis of a series of literary texts and authors that complicate notions of racial and sexual difference in the region.