Liberation Forum: Women’s Liberation & Socialism + Palestine Resists!

March 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Party for Socialism and Liberation > PSLBoston
(857) 334-5084

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Socialism & Women’s Liberation: New Issue of Breaking the Chains magazine

There will be no revolution or socialism without women’s liberation and no women’s liberation without socialism or revolution. At a time when millions of people are mobilizing in response to the right wing extremist Trump administration, the cause of women’s liberation has come to the forefront once again. Millions demonstrated for the Women’s march [when?] and thousands more took to the streets in honor of International Working Women’s Day. The question of feminism has been debated among the growing people’s movement and resistance to assaults on women’s and transgender rights . But, as revolutionaries, we must ask “what kind of feminism? And for whom?” Are we for the “feminism” of Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright? Or are we for the revolutionary and proletarian feminism of Anurahada Ghandy, Claudia Jones, and so many other warriors in the struggle for liberation from imperialism and neo-colonialism? The PSL believes that genuine women’s liberation can only be achieved when the masses take aim at the root cause of women’s oppression: capitalist-imperialism! Join the PSL as we delve into these questions of today’s movement: 1) Proletarian or Bourgeois Feminism? 2) The Revolutionary Roots of International Working Women’s Day 3) The Urgent Need to arm ourselves with revolutionary theory. There will be speeches, poems, presentations, and discussions.

Palestine Resists!

Palestinians have struggled against zionist occupation and settler-colonialism for more than a century. Trump’s appointment of zionist pig David Freedman to Israeli Ambassador makes it crystal clear that the struggle for Palestinian liberation will continue to be an uphill battle. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation to discuss the resistance against this month’s AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference in Washington D.C. and why both major parties have a vested interest in maintaining and strengthening Israeli occupation. We will also unpack the implications of moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and why it is an extension of land theft from Palestinians.