Justice for Jordan Edwards speakout: Jail the killer cops

May 8, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
MBTA Dudley Square Station

MA 02119
Mass Action Against Police Brutality

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Convict Cop Who Shot Jordan Edwards

May 7, 2017

On the night of April 29, 2017, 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was shot in the head and killed by Roy Oliver of the Balch Springs Police Department shot. Cops initially lied, claiming the car was backing aggressively toward them, setting up the all-to-usual “feared for my life” refrain. Bodycam footage revealed that the car was actually moving away from police who were descending upon a teen party in the area, after an alleged 911 call. As youth were fleeing, cops reportedly barked out inaudible commands and then fired 3 shots with a rifle, one of which struck Edwards in the head while he sat in the front passenger seat. In the week that followed, Roy Oliver was fired, murder charges were filed and he was arrested.

“The Balch Springs Police Department, regardless of how this whole thing turns out, we are here to serve this community,” Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber told the press in one of several press conferences where the police narrative repeatedly changed. The police chief initially regurgitated erroneous police reports without checking simple facts such as reviewing video from body cams. Cops want to get us to have sympathy for their mistakes and accept such brutal killings as collateral damage to be accepted in exchange for “safety.” Working people from Balch Springs to Boston, MA, and across the country have to start insisting loudly “Safe for whom?” Not safe for people living check to check who may not have a front license plate. Or someone whose tail light goes out. Or someone smoking a cigarette in the car. Or someone who is Black or brown and has a nice vehicle…or a vehicle in poor condition. Who exactly IS safe? Not a Latino worker driving home from work. Not a young teen doing something that — in a rational world — would at best earn them a ticket or a mild reprimand. These people who are __’simply living’_ while Black keep dying at the hands of police.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality (MAAPB) contends that city administration after city administration — Democrat and Republican controlled — have shown time and time again that the so-called wheels of justice will not convict cops. Police are not held to the same standards the average resident in one of our neighborhoods would receive for murder. The bar for cops, in fact, is quite lower than that of ANYONE else. After an incident they are often rewarded paid leave, a form of vacation during a so-called ‘investigation’. When the cover-up fails and they are caught doing crimes, often they merely are forced to resign with no criminal charges. In effect, the police are generally given license to kill people of color.

Only the people of Dallas — feet on the street in mass action, supported by MAAPB and other groups in cities across the U.S. — can generate the pressure needed to win a conviction for murder.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality demands:

•Convict Roy Oliver of murder.
•Fire & Arrest the cops on the scene who covered up the truth, including Chief Jonathan Haber.
•Release all details of the case to the Edwards family.