International Working Women & Trans Women’s Celebration

March 24, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Women's Fightback Network
284 Amory St
Jamaica Plain
MA 02130
Workers World Party-Boston

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Every Day is International Working Women’s Day!
Every Issue is a Women’s Issue! Globalize Women’s Solidarity!

You’re invited to a Workers World Party & Women’s Fightback Network Forum:

Together We Rise: Global Women’s Fight Back Against Trumpism

Featured Speaker: Mahtowin Munro, Co-leader, United American Indians of New England and Lead Organizer for Indigenous People’s Day, MA

Followed by a panel of fierce community women activists and organizers and an Open Mic

Some topics we will focus on during the event include:

– Globalizing Women’s Solidarity vs. Trumpism and all forms of capitalist exploitation including racism, sexism, anti-LBGTQ bigotry, ICE Terror against immigrants, Islamophobia, layoffs and cuts to vital social services
– Smashing the patriarchy’s hold on working class women
– Defending Standing Rock and Indigenous Sovereignty
– Black and Trans Lives Matter!!! Feminism that does NOT erase race and puts it front and center
– Organizing for Global General Strike on May Day 2017
– No to ICE Terror, Raids, Detentions and Deportations. Solidarity with Immigrant Workers and Refugees Under Attack! Fight for $15 and a UNION
– Defending Health care and Full Reproductive Rights for Women
– Ending Mass Incarceration, the racist school to prison pipeline and prisons for profit
– Building a multinational, multigenerational, international movement against women’s oppression that is part of a worldwide struggle against imperialism and war

This event is wheelchair accessible
Refreshments and Dinner provided

We are dedicating this evening to celebrating the resistance of our sisters globally and to supporting and uplifting the national and local struggles of women in our commUNITY facing the daily challenges of life under Trumpism and Capitalism at a Dead End.

The focus of this IWWD event is not to establish a day, month or evening of just speeches and floral bouquets – it is to bring poor, working-class women of ALL ages and nationalities into the class struggle as leaders and organizers of the struggles impacting our daily lives.

Our goal is to create a multinational, multigenerational space where EVERY woman of EVERY orientation is given a voice. We FULLY support women who have been marginalized and silenced by decades of neoliberalism directed towards poor and working women, women of color, Native women, disabled women, immigrant women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer and trans women. We want to empower women as freedom-fighters in their own circles and communities.

There will be plenty of time to eat, drink, and rejuvenate with kindred spirits. We encourage audience participation – anyone can share as they feel inspired. We look forward to celebrating with you!
The Women’s Fightback Network is a grassroots alliance of poor and working women, immigrants, disabled activists, students, elders and youth, lesbian, bisexual, trans kinfolk — all standing together to end racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ and anti-muslim bigotry, and for workers and immigrant rights. Our solidarity is a powerful weapon against Trump’s anti-people agenda.

From affordable housing to opposing Imperialist wars to dismantling the prison industrial complex, women are on the Frontlines fighting for our collective liberation at home and around the world.

Leaders of the Womens’ Fightback Network Chapters include WOMEN, specifically TRANS WOMEN, GENDER NON-CONFORMING FOLKS, AND ALL THOSE WHO ARE IMPACTED BY PATRIARCHY.

For info: 617-522-6626