Ifé Franklin’s Indigo Project.

September 10, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Franklin Park
1 Circuit Dr
MA 02121
Ife Franklin

Please join me @ The Valley Gates Parking Lot Circuit Dr & Glen Lane, Boston 02121 for the unvieling of the 4th ancestor slave cabin/ring shout/pic nic.

I am asking communityy to bring your best vibrations, wear all white ( or as much white clothing as possible) bring a lawn chair or blanket, and a dessert or fresh flowers to share as we come together to honor the lives of Africans/Africans Amrericans that were enslaved.

Community can honor the old souls by wrtiting a loving message to them directly on the sides, or the back of the cabin.

Community is also being asked to participate in a Community Ring Shout.

The ring shout is a religious song and movement form that originated in Africa and brought to the “new world” by enslaved Africans.

The ring shout is performed counter clockwise in a single file line by shuffling feet and added vocals/singing/and shouts. This ritual is performed for the ancestors.

The tradition of the ring shout is still practiced today by The McEntosh County Shouters, Gullah people from the Georgia Sea Islands. The “feeling” of our pic nic will be reminicent of Julie Dash’s incredible movie Daughters of the Dust.

Robert Farris Thompson states ‘ The ring shout comes from the BaKongo people of Central Africa. The ring shout may have had origins among the enslaved African Muslims as an imitation of the mass procession around the “KABBA” that is an essential part of the Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca-the word “shout’ may come from the Arabic word “SHAWT” meaning a single circling of the “KAABA”.

The ring shout is where spiritually becomes the means through which cultural tradition is continued.

The ring shout is based on West Central African cosmology involving movement and song to access the divine.

The ring shout was one of many unifying elements for the enslaved, from which field hollas, work songs, and spirituals evolved/black gospel music/blues/jazz and burial music from New Olrleans all derive, ..all of the defining elements of black music are present in the ring shout, as well as various forms of dance in African American culture.

Let us come together to celebrate the lives of Africans/African Americans that lived and toiled through the harest conditions to create an amazing legecy.

Our History.
American History.

Ifé Franklin’s Indigo Project was made possible with funding by the New England foundation for the arts creative city program with funding from the Bar Foundation and with additional support from the Boston Foundation.

Image by Trina Jackson.