FreeSiham Protest Against Child Deportations

January 9, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
US Immigration Courts at JFK Federal Building

MA 02203
International Socialist Organization - Boston

Every Tuesday at the immigration court in the JFK Federal Building, in the heart of Boston, children without legal representation are brought before a judge and then deported, often times to situations that are extremely dangerous.

In January, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared that Boston would be a sanctuary for immigrants. He even offered his office as a literal sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation. Yet every Tuesday since making that promise, dozens of children have been deported within sight of Mayor Walsh’s office. Often they are arrested and detained with the full support and collaboration of city officials and law enforcement.

Join us on Tuesday, January 9th to stand in solidarity with the children who will be in court on that day, pleading for the chance to remain safely in the U.S. We also have two demands:
1. That the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families release a public statement against Siham Byah’s deportation, and that they end any collaboration with the ICE attacks that are devastating Massachusetts families.
2. That Siham Byah be returned to the United States immediately and given the opportunity to present her case for asylum in the United States. Siham was notified of her pending asylum case and then deported by ICE, in violation of the law, before her case could be heard.

This event is being hosted and organized by a coalition of activists and organizations in the Boston area that seeks to mobilize large numbers of people against ICE’s attacks on our undocumented friends, family, and neighbors. If your organization would like to co-sponsor this event, or join our efforts, please contact [email protected]