Exploring Class and Classism

August 3, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Boston, MA

Class Action

If you have been thinking about bringing Class Action to your workplace, group or religious community, this is an opportunity not to miss. You can come and try a workshop to see how it could be useful for your situation.

-Why is class often so difficult to talk about?
-How do the effects of class differences impact our work, our work relationships and our workplaces?
-Why is it important to collaborate across class divisions to create more unity, especially in these times?
-What is your class story?

Discuss these questions and more at our open workshop on August 3rd. These workshops provide a forum to learn about the effects of class differences and to look at how we all have been affected by class divisions.

Class Action has spent 13 years developing creative ways of asking questions, sharing personal experiences and helping people to engage with issues of class in a meaningful way. Our popular education workshops are highly interactive, engaging and focused on learning from one another in the room.

In this workshop, participants will explore:
*** How class identities affect our lives, our work and our relationships
***How race intersects with class
***How we can become more inclusive with others from different class backgrounds than ourselves and why that’s important
***How we can build community with people from all class backgrounds

Pre-registration is required.
Sliding scale $40-$