Deny the Permit

August 13, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – August 18, 2017 @ 11:00 pm
Boston, MA

Su Cousineau

FINAL UPDATE: The City has granted the permit. I urge you to still call and make your opinion about this heard, attend a counter protest if you can (and consider carefully) and/or donate to BLM Strategic Resistance efforts in regards to the counter protest.

*Also please note* the host is not strongly monitoring discussions people choose to have, as this is offered as simple invitation to action which you can share with your network, if desired. However, please refrain from any aggressive/violent references, including toward the Free Speech Rally and their ilk. If I see any, I will delete post. Thx. (hasn’t been a problem, btw)

8/15 Update. Many speakers are backing out as I think they are feeling the pressure. But according to thier FB page, the rally is not cancelled. Keep calling the Mayor, the Governor and let them know your concerns! Good job people!

8/14 *Update* Mayor Walsh has made a strong statement against the group coming to Boston. The City stated the group has applied for permit, but it has not yet been finalized, and yet is preparing for thier rally. So now seems unclear where the process is, if they can gather without an official permit or how this will shift through the week. **You can still contact the Mayor to express your concerns** The Free Speech Rally organizer has stated they are not white supremacist, but if you look at their speakers you see the ideology being supported. Some of the speakers were speaking or present in Charlottesville.

The constitution protects free speech. But none are protected to incite viloence. Let Mayor Walsh know the people of Boston support the City of Boston denying the permit for the white nationalist’s “Free Speech” Rally at Boston Common Aug 19. Some members of this group are associated with violence & hate speech. Such a rally can put all Bostonians at risks but especially POC, Jews, Muslims, immigrants and LGBTQI. Given the events in Charlottesville, the City of Boston has every reason to believe this event may draw acts of aggression and potential domestic terrorist threat.

Call 617-635-4500 or use 311.
Email, tweet, post. Share widely.
[email protected]
Marty Walsh