Democratic Party Platform Input [Boston]

April 6, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
180 Mt Vernon St
Boston, MA 02125

Original Facebook event here

Every four years, the Massachusetts Democratic Party sets a platform. Before it goes to the convention, it gets “shopped around” the state to gather input. This is the meeting to gather input from Boston residents.

You may be thinking: So what? SURELY the Democratic Party platform in Massachusetts, in 2017, under the reign of Trump is progressive and forward-thinking! SURELY it represents the best of the Democratic party!

Friends, IT DOES NOT. (Read the full platform here:

Current version of the platform does NOT include calls for:
-Reforms to end police violence against people of color
-Reforms to stop the school to prison pipeline
-Actions to reduce the prison population
-Actions to reduce racial disparities in arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration
-End to the privatization of prisons
-High-quality, affordable, and universally accessible childcare
-Debt-free public higher education
-Paid family and medical leave
-End to solitary confinement
-$15 minimum wage
-mandated trans-inclusive health care coverage
-express support for the trans-inclusive public accommodations law

If you think this is an issue, YOU NEED TO SHOW UP.