Decolonize Puerto Rico: March and Rally

December 17, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Plaza Betances, Villa Victoria
100 West Dedham St.
Raíces Borikén Collective

Join ‘Raíces Borikén Collective’ on Saturday, December 17th at 1:00 P.M., to continue the movement to decolonize Puerto Rico. We will start in Betances Plaza, located in South End’s Villa Victoria neighborhood, to share stories, healing, art, and education before marching (con political paranda y mas) to Copley Square. We are hoping to end with a community bomba, dance and a healing space. We will build beloved community and gather to connect, share music, and learn from each other. Que vive Puerto Rico libre!

On September 21, 2017 Hurricane Maria, made landfall in Puerto Rico destroying homes and vital infrastructure on the island. The government has reported 51 deaths, but journalists and citizens have reported more than 900 deaths. Months later many Puerto Ricans are still without clean water, electricity, access to internet or proper medical care. The delayed response from the U.S. government, as well as the continued colonization and economic exploitation of Puerto Rico, has contributed to this humanitarian crisis and interferes with recovery efforts.

In the United States, we must fight for Puerto Rico. Since colonizing the island, the United States has oppressed the people of Puerto Rico through a variety of federal actions. Policies like the Foraker Act, the Jones Act, Operation Bootstrap, pill trials, la Operacion, military use in Vieques and other government policies all paved the way for the financial, environmental, medical, and political exploitation and deterioration of Puerto Rico.

Only Congress can: (1) repeal the Jones Act, (2) dismantle the PROMESA board that takes away our self-governance, (3) cancel the debt, and (4) help Puerto Ricans across the U.S. as well as those on the Island. And we, the diaspora of Puerto Rico, can unite to fight against these inhuman policies and pressure Congress to do what is right. Join us in solidarity.

This is a moment to gather and act in greater Boston.

In solidarity,

Raíces Borikén Collective, Lead Organizers

Eroc Arroyo-Montano
Jasmin Chu
Cassandra Lopez Fradera
Jasmine Gomez
Eli “Lady” Pabon

Who is RBC: Raíces Borikén Collective (RBC) is a radical Boston-based group rooted in the Puerto Rican diaspora. We are activists, advocates, educators and organizers that are majority women and queer led. RBC supports the work of dismantling the “imperialist white supremacist- capitalist patriarchal system”* forced upon Puerto Rico, and will continue to advance the movement of decolonizing Puerto Rico through education, direction action, and community based reimagining. Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

*Quote from bell hooks.