Community Response: Hate Bus in Boston

March 27, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – March 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Mass Trans Political Coalition (MTPC)

Original Facebook event here

A community response to the anti-trans hate and bigotry rolling into our city in the form of a big orange bus. Please note that some plans will change and adapt as we learn more about a schedule and logisitcs. Both actions will take place at or near the hate bus, in response.

UPDATE: We are being vigilant of the bus’ activity. Please help us by sharing sightings. As soon as it appears, we need your help to mobilize.

Day 1: Queer and Trans Dance Party (time TBD, current time frame is 12pm-6pm depending on when and if the bus shows up).

The orange hate bus is out to troll us and our supporters as hard as we can. We should use all of the tactics we have in our disposal, which includes embarssing them with glitter, rainbows, and a hoppin’ dance part with music that is queer as heck. We will show them that we will not stand for their vitriol and irrational hate, rather, we fight our opposition where they appear, and we will continue to uplift our own community in every way we know how.

Day 2: Interfaith Prayer and Healing Service (11am-1pm)
Join faith leaders for an interfaith service to heal and support one another.

The location and time is TBD, as it is unconfirmed when and where the bus will show up. Keep your eyes peeled on the event page.

Please note: both events are intended to be peaceful, safe spaces for all community members and allies. The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition does not promote violence in any form. We seek to empower community through compassion, support, and visibility.