Chefs & Restaurants: Leaders in Community Food Systems

December 5, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Mei Mei Street Kitchen
506 Park Dr
MA 02215
New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project wants to provide a space at our 2017 Community Food Systems Conference to welcome a diverse group of food service workers, restaurateurs, chefs, concerned diners — anyone involved in the restaurant industry — to come together and share what community food systems work means to them.

At this December 5th pre-conference forum, “Restaurants & Chefs: Leaders in Community Food Systems,” we’ll come together to think strategically and deeply about restaurant industry inequities and examine how leaders promoting changes in industry practices are influencing community health and the food system at a wider scale.

Our panel for this lunch forum is made up of some of the most dedicated and talented professionals in the Boston area:
• Irene Li of Mei Mei
• Katrina Jazayeri of Juliet
• Jason Bond of Bondir
• Ellie Tiglao of Olio Culinary Collective
• The forum will be facilitated by Yamila Ruiz, a legal organizer at ROC Boston

TICKETS: $50 pp, includes lunch – On sale until November 17th.

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