Building Palestine: Water, Health, Education Under Occupation

September 27, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Discuss Palestinian development under military occupation with water, education, and health professionals recently returned from the West Bank.

This event is sponsored by 1for3 and Palestinian Community of Boston:

*1for3 is a registered US-based NGO that works to alleviate suffering among Palestinian refugees living in West Bank refugee camps operated by the United Nations. It operates in the areas of community health, water quality, education, and environment.

*Palestinian Community of Boston is a group of Palestinians in diaspora who aim to cultivate compassionate community, especially for Palestinians struggling against fragmentation, displacement, and dispossession and to support movements and actions that build grassroots power for the people.

Panelists: Devin Attallah, Katherine Hanna, Andrew Kurban, Hubert Murray, Amaya Arregi and Fatimah Shaikh

Moderator: Nidal Al-Azraq

Devin Atallah is Assistant Professor of Psychology, Racial/Cultural Focus at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He researches the capacity-building processes for Community Health Workers (CHWs) in refugee camps in the Bethlehem area. Devin has organized a research collaborative with Palestinian social workers, psychologists, and community workers who live and work in the Bethlehem area to support dealing with issues of trauma and oppression.

Katherine Hanna is an educator with 24 years of experience in the public schools. A long-time activist and organizer for Palestine, she was Boston chapter coordinator of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Associations of North America (UPWA) and one of the founders of the Boston Palestine Film Festival (BPFF). Katherine is currently supporting the development of a kindergarten in the Aida Refugee Camp.

Andrew Kurban is Board Chair of 1for3, and is a dentist and medical educator for 35 years at a private practice, with Boston University School of Dental Medicine, and with Harvard School of Dental Medicine. At 1for3, he supports the intersection of health as a basic human right alongside water, education, and employment. Andrew has an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Hubert Murray is a Boston-based architect who has practiced and taught in the US and abroad for over 40 years. His experience in Africa and the Middle East has been an inspiration for thinking about a global future with scarce resources. He first visited Palestine during the second Intifada in 2002 and is helping develop a kindergarten in the Aida Refugee Camp.

Amaya Arregi is a lawyer and Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy student at The Fletcher School. She lived in Aida Refugee Camp in the West Bank from 2012 to 2018, working as a legal researcher on international law and human rights violations. During this time Amaya also volunteered at the Lajee Center, a community-based organization based in Aida. At Lajee, she became involved in different 1for3 projects and in the last two years she has been assisting with the CHW project.

Fatimah Shaikh is a water and community development intern with 1for3 and an MA candidate at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. During the summer of 2019 she completed a development map of Al-Walaja, a badly damaged locality due to Israeli military violence, with local community members.