Stop the GOP Tax Bill

December 10, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Boston Common
Charles St
MA 02108
Martin Angus Hamilton

On Sunday, December 10th to join us to march from the Boston Common and fight for all those who will suffer under the GOP’s tax plan. There is time to beat this. Let’s stand together and send a message that we aren’t ready to back down.

We are young people in the Boston area who didn’t want to see this tax plan go unopposed, even in Massachusetts. To reach out, please contact us at [email protected]


This is a protest against the H.R.1 GOP tax bill that is close to being passed officially in the House and Senate. We will march from the Boston Common to the Boston Harbor, where we will hear from some speakers about who this bill will most impact.

The GOP tax bill will make it even harder for the poor and middle class to survive in the U.S.: by making health care even more expensive, by increasing the tax rate for students, by making it impossible for some families to move for better jobs, by penalizing people whose homes experience fires or floods, and countless other impacts. Meanwhile, our wealth is being given to the rich, and to corporations who make out with fewer and fewer limitations to outsourcing jobs, cutting costs, and hurting the people of the U.S. This is the truth of this bill.

December 16th is likely the last day the GOP will be able to ram this bill through. There is time to beat this. While our own elected officials here in MA are voting against this bill, together we can send a strong message to the rest of the country that this disastrous tax bill can be stopped. In doing so, we can strengthen our community to keep fighting these injustices.

Logistics such as the march route, speakers, etc are being worked on, and will be posted closer to Sunday. Please let us know if you have any specific concerns or suggestions.

If you represent an organization that would like to endorse or otherwise participate in this event, please email us at

Our Revolution Somerville
Sunrise Movement Boston
The Boston March for Science
Massachusetts Peace Action
Institute for Policy Studies – Program on Inequality
Jamaica Plain Forum
Party for Socialism and Liberation Boston
The People’s Budget Campaign
Moral Monday
Resource Generation Boston
Massachusetts Community Action Network

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