Boston May Day Rally – Steps of the MA State House

May 1, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 5:00 pm
Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street
MA 02108
(212) 388-3800

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Boston, MA— Immigrant, community and labor advocates of Massachusetts will hold a major day of resistance against Trump on May Day—International Workers’ Day—with multiple rallies planned across the Commonwealth thousands will join together to say: we stand together and we resist together.

“The Trump administration’s systematic attempt to criminalize immigrants is not only an assault on the civil rights of communities of color but a dangerous path that is already having dramatic consequences in communities across the country as hate crimes against immigrants and those perceived to be foreign continue to spread,” said Roxana Rivera Vice President of 32BJ SEIU.

This May 1st 2017 immigrants and workers are facing a historical challenge. The challenge is to seize upon the ground swell of opposition to racist and xenophobic politics of the current regime, and build a resistance movement that goes beyond the current administration’s anti-worker policies. Our task is to defy attacks against our communities, and defend and expand the rights of undocumented workers, women, LGBTQI, Muslims, unions, students, and people of color. Defying attacks against our communities, defending and expanding the rights of undocumented workers, women, LGBTQI, Muslims, unions, elders, students, Black and people of color unites us in our common goal; reclaiming Our Democracy.

· #HereToStay Rally in Support of the Safe Communities Act
11:45 AM Steps of the MA State House

East Boston and Everett
Chelsea Collaborative March and Rally
4pm marches in East Boston and Everett start.

· Boston May Day Coalition Rally
5pm @ Parkman Bandstand

· March and Rally
4pm March starting and ending with rally at Lynn City Hall

· 5:30pm Rally at Springfield City Hall

· 4pm gathering and tabling, 5pm rally @ Worcester City Hall

· 5:30pm March starting at Fitchburg State University

· 6pm rally at Town Center

· 4pm march and rally beginning at 1367 Main Street (Brockton Family Center)