Boston Action: No Ban, No Wall, No to Baker’s Racist Law

August 8, 2017 @ 11:45 am – 2:00 pm
Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street
MA 02108
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice!

In response to Governor Charlie Bakers introducing of anti immigrant legislation, Mass JWJ along with our community, labor, student and faith organization members are calling for statewide coordinated actions in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield on Tuesday, August 8th.

These Trump like policies are clearly in response to and are meant to splinter the momentum that has grown in support of the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act. We will come together to declare that we the people have the power and that Baker does not speak for us. We will push for welcoming legislation and declare Not One More!

Please stay tuned for more details but save the date!

Deatils about the legislation:

“Massachusetts’ Republican Gov. Charlie Baker likes to position himself as a moderate who opposes Donald Trump’s most extreme policies, particularly with regard to immigration. But on Tuesday, Baker aligned himself with the president by introducing a bill that would allow state law enforcement officers to detain certain undocumented immigrants without a warrant.

Baker’s proposal is a direct response to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts’ recent decision prohibiting state and local officers from honoring so-called ICE detainers. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents issue these requests when a local detention facility is holding an undocumented immigrant. If the facility complies, it may hold a detainee for up to 48 hours after she should have been released, giving ICE a window to retrieve and deport her. The SJC ruled that no Massachusetts law allows officers to detain an individual who should otherwise be free to go simply because ICE has issued a detainer. Thus, the court explained, Massachusetts officers who comply with ICE detainers are violating state law.

Baker now wants the Legislature to change state law to permit compliance with ICE. (He gave law enforcement the green light to honor ICE detainers in 2016.) Baker’s bill would let state enforcement officers honor ICE detainers when the undocumented immigrant in question “poses a threat to public safety.” (An individual falls into this category if he has previously been sentenced to more than 180 days in custody, if he has been convicted of a “serious crime,” or if he is “suspected of terrorism or espionage.”) Officers may hold these immigrants for up to 12 hours without any semblance of due process; after that, a judge must make a finding of probable cause.”