Bayanihan: Community Fundraising for Olio’s Restaurant

September 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Brickbottom Open Studios
1 Fitchburg St
MA 02143
Olio Culinary Collective

The Filipino practice of cooperation and collective work (and play!) is best demonstrated in Bayanihan, a generations-old practice of a response to community need. Essentially, when somene needs to move, the community comes together to physically lift and walk an entire house to its new location — a huge effort that people reward themselves with a big party at the end.

The restaurant is where we’re making a home and we can’t get there without you, our community — the people who believe so deeply in food that can be produced in a way that not only thinks about sustainability of food production, but also of the people who grow and produce the food itself. You’re the ones we want to be beside us as we carry this project into a new and permanent space.

Each event will feature tastes of 3 small plates and 2 cocktails, but please note that is a simple tasting without dinner sized portions! Big thank you to Zach Katz at Brickbottom Studios, the community at EMW Bookstore and Biplaw Rai at Dudley Cafe for hosting us as believers in what Olio is doing and where we’re going!

We’ll also be taking the time at the event to share details about the restaurant plans (financial, physical, spiritual, and culinary). We hope that the sliding scale we ask for will encourage folks who generally aren’t able to come to both Olio and Kulinarya’s pop-ups to be there with us as we set out to do what we believe will have a positive impact on our communities.

Thank you all!

Ellie Tiglao, Rain Abdelrazaq, Mea Johnson, Darnell Johnson, Ivy Lee, Jon Barry, Aaron Tanaka, Khalida Smalls, Laurence Louie

WHERE: Brickbottom Studios
WHEN: 5-9 PM
Contact Ellie at 510-552-7873 when you arrive.

$15-30 Sliding Scale

Future Events:
Sunday 10/8 EMW Bookstore 3-7 PM
Saturday 10/14 Dudley Cafe 6-9 PM

If you can’t make it, please consider donating or send us a message at [email protected] to host an event.