Aviary Gallery Presents: Luxury Condos, Coming Soon!

November 2, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
48 South St
Jamaica Plain
MA 02130


Historically speaking, cities use artists as the spear point for pushing poor (and generally POC) folks out of neighborhoods to make way for development and the corollary rise in tax revenue and drop in education and public program spending. Obvious examples of this can be seen in Detroit, San Francisco, Lower Manhattan, Washington D.C.; and in Boston the South End, Fenway, and now JP. All of these places are full of people with lots of money, living in formerly condemned buildings rehabbed by artists, and whose children go to school outside of the public school system. That means lots more tax revenue to spend, and fewer public programming to spend it on.

As artists get pushed further into the periphery, we must be cognizant of the fact that our expulsion from a neighborhood directly leads to the expulsion of others from the next trendy area. Ignoring the blatant political culture that enables the commodification and exploitation of the arts for their “cool” factor is dangerous, in effect standing down to allow the rest of the neighborhood to pick this fight for themselves, which they will ultimately lose. We would like to make clear that we are concerned for our art practices, but even more so about the larger implications of displacing the existing people and communities within the places we live and work.

The pieces on these walls are by artists who have been or are about to be pushed from their workspaces to make way for new luxury residences. We want to be loud about what is happening, and try our best to support all people who are currently displaced from their homes or in the process of eviction from their neighborhoods and communities.

Participating artists:
TJ Kelley III (http://www.tjkelleyiii.com/)
Simon Kercz (http://www.simonkercz.com/)
Julia Luft
Pat Falco (http://www.illfalco.com/)
Zach Herrmann (http://www.zacharyfherrmann.com/)
Eben Haines (ebenhaines.com)
+ more

Reption 11/2/2017

Curated by Eben Haines