API Political Convo Series

July 10, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW)

Third gathering of this informal drop-in series!

API Political Conversation Series is a non-meeting, non-agenda space for Asian-Pacific Islander people (anyone who identifies as a part of this umbrella term are welcome i.e. mixed race people, South West Asian/Middle Eastern folx) to get together and grow their politics without the pressure of goals, deliverables or movement.

Many of us are inundated by the amount of political information out there, whether it is in the form of think pieces, analyses, our observations of movement work or discourse we are involved in. Unpacking some of our own inquiries and being in community with others who want to explore and grow their own political analysis is crucial to how we can sustain and nourish ourselves. This is set up as an informal space to do just that. Hosts pick the topic and people come! There will be community agreements and people are asked to self-moderate.

In July, Angela Vo is hosting at Dudley Dough (train, bus and wheelchair accessible) for circle and pizze pie! If you’d like to arrange rides or are in need of transportation, feel free to post in the comments section or reach out to [email protected]

Topic that we will be discussing: please check our post for the topic and links to articles!

If you are interested in hosting one of these gatherings in the future, please fill out this form!