The mission of Activist Calendar is to strengthen networks of organizers, artivists, educators, hacktivists, and engaged community members with programming and tools that support collaborations and community resource-building.

We do this through the online calendar on this website and social media (Facebook and Twitter). Original and curated content as well as in-person collaborations are also in development.

Posting Guidelines

We post public Boston-area events we find out about through our networks. We post here, on Facebook and on Twitter. Our goal is to share events that work for liberation and justice. We follow these guidelines:

  • “Events” can be workshops, rallies, conferences, panels, trainings, calls for art, and more.
  • They address how multiple forms of oppression function together. (Ex. We would not share an environmental event that does not tackle racism, uplift indigenous sovereignty, etc.)
  • They center people who are historically marginalized: Native, Black, LGBTQ, immigrants, people with disabilities, and more. (Ex. We would not share a panel on food justice comprised of all white people, or a discussion on local arts featuring only men, or if there is only token representation in leadership roles, etc.)
  • They engage and are of interest to organizers, artivists, educators, hacktivists, and community members.
  • We share events by political parties if the events meet our guidelines. We as a team do not endorse any particular political party.
  • We share hearings at the State House, petitions to elected officials, or other similar events if they are endorsed by groups whose work aligns with our guidelines.
  • We share fundraisers by groups whose work we uplift on a separate feed on our website (in progress) and with the #fundraiser hashtag in order to properly highlight the fundraising effort.
  • We share events organized by academic institutions and featuring mostly academics if they meet our guidelines. However, our focus is community work outside of academia.
  • In an effort to support the redistribution of resources, we share events that are of material interest to marginalized communities even if they are not organized by or feature people who are historically marginalized. (Ex. Events on how to start a cannabis business or how to write a grant proposal. However, we are especially interested in such events organized by and featuring those most affected by the event topic
  • We reserve the right to remove events and comments.


Core Team

We are local organizers, educators, artivists, and hacktivists. Our individual bios are coming soon.

Accountability Board

We are in the process of building an accountability board, comprised of local people at the forefront of various movements and grassroots work. Accountability board members have and will continue to vet both our vision and specific action plans. It is important that they are compensated for their time, expertise, lived experience, and emotional labor. Therefore, fundraising will explicitly include this intention.

Community Accountability

We have held one-on-one meetings with various leaders of local organizations to gather feedback on this project. Our goal is to continue meeting with representatives of the organizations whose events we share. We ask: How could this project support your work? What pitfalls would you anticipate in a project like this? And other questions to ensure that this project is uplifting and supporting work already being done. This website will have a section with their profiles.

Do reach out to us

If we share events that are oppressive themselves, please write us a message to call us out and call us in. If you would like us to share an event, please send us a private message on Facebook, and we will add it if it aligns with our values. If you have any other questions and concerns, please contact us via email or message us on Facebook.